The New Nuka Integrated Care Teams Playbook

Southcentral Foundation was one of the first organizations to implement integrated primary care (also known as team-based or multidisciplinary care), pioneering its Integrated Care Teams (ICTs) as part of the rollout of the relationship-based Nuka System of Care in the late 1990s. Now, in order to support sustainability of its own ICTs, as well as help other healthcare organizations implement and improve integrated care teams, SCF has created the Integrated Care Teams Playbook, which is based on SCF’s experiences and lessons learned in doing the same.

The ICT Playbook includes information about all aspects of implementing and sustaining integrated care teams, including but not limited to team composition, roles and responsibilities of each member, improving access for customer-owners, workload balance, empanelment, facility considerations, data considerations, improvement and innovation, and more. This information comes from SCF subject matter experts who have been with SCF since before ICTs were established and were key figures in SCF’s system transformation. The playbook also includes tools SCF still uses in operating its ICTs today. The playbook is presented using SCF’s READI model, which SCF uses in other areas, including improvement and innovation, and consulting with outside organizations.

SCF’s upcoming Virtual Nuka Conference will include a session about the ICT playbook, where SCF subject matter experts will go over the playbook in detail and explain its sections and how it can be used by organizations to set up or improve their own integrated care teams. Each attendee to this session will receive a free copy of the ICT playbook to use at their own organizations. The session will also provide an opportunity for attendees to ask questions of the presenters about specific sections of the playbook.

For more information about the ICT playbook, or the upcoming Virtual Nuka Conference, feel free to contact the SCF Learning Institute.